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National Curriculum Review

The Department for Education has launched a comprehensive review of the National Curriculum in England for key stages 1 to 4 (ages 5 - 16 years).

The review will look at all subjects currently within the National Curriculum and will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1, which will run until 14 April 2011, is seeking evidence on which subjects should remain in the curriculum and at which key stages  (apart from English, maths, sciences and PE which the government has already decided will remain statutory from KS1 to KS4).

Phase 2 of the review, which will follow in early 2012, will look at the programmes of study for these other curriculum subjects, based on the outcomes of Phase 1.

Further information about the review is available on the DfE website: Review of the National Curriculum in England: Consultation

‘When taught well it can bring a sense of pride in one’s own culture and language, bring respect for others and give a sense of achievement and build self esteem’

Head teacher (source: CILT Primary Languages Head Teacher Survey, CILT, 2011)


Who should respond to the curriculum review?

The government has invited ‘all interested parties’ to respond to the curriculum review consultation. This includes Headteachers, classroom teachers, Teaching Assistants, school governors, parents, university staff and employers, as well as organisations such as CILT. CILT will publish its own response on these pages shortly.

CILT wants to encourage as many people as possible to give their views on the status of languages within the curriculum, and contribute direct evidence from their own experience of the value of language learning at different ages.

You can respond to the review online or download information here: National Curriculum Review - Call for Evidence

‘We are way behind the rest of Europe in our language provision and the next generation will not be able to take their place in the global community if they are unable to communicate with others’

Head teacher (source: CILT Primary Languages Head Teacher Survey, CILT, 2011)


Helpful links

We have also put together some links to sources of evidence you may find helpful, and will add to this list over the coming weeks:



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