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Languages for a better society

In addition to the practical benefit of being able to communicate more successfully with more people, language learning brings cultural and educational advantages which are vital to our well-being:

  • Learning other languages and valuing other cultures promotes tolerance and understanding at home and abroad
  • Intercultural skills are essential to the success of multicultural teams and underpin good management in public services as well as in global business
  • Language learning develops literacy and reading skills (D’Angiulli, Siegel and Serra, 2001) and improves academic achievement (Armstrong and Rogers, 1997)
  • There are important cognitive benefits associated with speaking more than one language (Bialystock, 2001)
  • Specialist interpreters and translators provide essential services for security, diplomacy, international development, human rights and the functioning of justice – as well as for international business, sport and cultural exchange.


Britain is advantaged in its linguistic potential: one in seven primary children and one in ten secondary pupils already has an additional language. See the Community Languages part of the site for more details on this.


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